established in 2014 engaged in the service of hydraulic and automation systems for palm oil industry. We participate in installation of minimal project scope, supply of hydraulic spare parts, and service contracts for machinery and electricity for palm oil factories.
Our Advantage :
- We have a marketing team that is ready to provide maximal service for customer satisfaction.
- Team of technicians ready to solve all the problems in the field.
- Competitive prices on a competitive basis.
Our Product :
Installation of minimal scope of project such as:
Indexer, Tippler, Transfer Carriage, Undertow, Drawbridge, Sterilizer, Conveyor, Hydraulic Cylinder for Indexing Systems: Loading Ramp, Indexer, Hopper Tipper Door, Door Close & Lock, Hopper Feeding Door, Drawbridge, Pressing, Digester Door, Moving Floor, etc.
Contract Service:
- The annual service contract agreement
- Troubleshooting
- Supply of spare parts hydraulic